Moving Is A Pain Let Us Take the Edge Off!

Tote Titans wipes out the mess, saves you space, and altogether takes the "ugh" out of relocating by bringing you high quality moving totes, and getting them out of your way after you're all settled in.

So, Why Tote Titans?

Under all those carboard boxes and taken-up space, moving is exciting!

  • Scheduled-Delivery
    Scheduled Delivery

    You plan for the big day, and we always bring the totes right on time.

  • All-the-Extras-thin
    Quality Totes

    Our totes are made for bulk moves. They're easy to hold, they're durable, easy to stack, and all-around easy to use.

  • Easy-Pick-Up
    Easy Pick-Up

    Having to store moving boxes is a massive waste of space. We all know it. Tote Titans give you extra space.

  • All-the-Extras-add-on
    All the Extras

    Have some breakable items? You can select add-ons like bubble wrap and packaging paper to make the move even easier.

  • Family-Run
    Family Run

    Our company is built on family. We've done big moves, and keep in mind all the stressors that Tote Titans can ease in the moving process.

  • Giving-Back
    Giving Back

    Every service you order form Tote Titans means a contribution from our company to help under-served kids in the Salt Lake area.

Totes for Tots

We consider ourselves very blessed. We gain deeper value in this company by attaching it to topics and issues we care about.

  • How We Give Back

    A percentage of every rental booking goes to helping the underserved children in the Salt Lake area, so they get what they need for the season at hand.

  • Summer: Socks and shoes for outdoor play
  • Winter: Sub for Santa
  • Fall: Winter coats & boots
  • Spring: Back to school supplies
Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Running Outside

Why Not Use Totes Instead of Carboard?

Let's not kid around. While you're taping up those flimsy cardboard boxes, you're thinking about where you're going to store them, whether or not they'll actually protect your belongings, and praying that it doesn't rain while you're getting everything inside.

Free Delivery & Pickup

You only pay for the totes you need. We handle the rest. Moving is hard enough! Let us help out.


An average home size using our totes saves 6000 cardboard boxes from heading to landfills!

Durable Boxes

No more crushed, ripped, and taped-up cardboard boxes. Our totes can handle over 400 moves.

Cost Effective

Not only is it more effective than using cardboard - it's cheaper! Save your family a few bucks.


Tote Titans Q & A

Not sure how it can be so simple, so easy, and so straightforward? Check this out.

  • All-the-Extras-bin
    When do the totes arrive?

    We schedule tote drop off and delivery, so that you know exactly when to expect us, and when we pick up. Schedule your service!

  • All-the-Extras-bin
    How is my cost calculated?

    If you are requesting service for a residential move, your totes are based on home size. If you're commercial, we base the price off two factors: How many totes, and how long you'll need them. Check our booking page for more info.

  • All-the-Extras-bin
    What about my breakable items?

    We know how important it is that all your belongings get to your new home safely. That's why we offer add ons like safety bubble wrap to secure your items.

Cut the Clutter

We deliver, you move, and we pick up. It's as easy as that.

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