How it Works & Why it Works

We discovered the difference tote rentals made in a move when our own family left our Utah home for another. We loved the experience so much that we had to share it. Here's how we streamlined to process even more. 

Moving doesn't HAVE to be a gigantic mess. Here's how.

  • step2
    Step 2.

    Once you've got to the booking portal, choose the package you'll need based off building type/size, and time you'll need the totes.

  • step3
    Step 3.

    We bring the specified totes to you on the designated date and time.

Moving doesn't HAVE to be a gigantic mess. Here's how.

  • step4
    Step 4.

    Get all your friends and family together for the move. And don't worry! Our totes are made for easy labeling and moving

  • step5
    Step 5.

    We pick up all the totes on the last day of your rental, so you can enjoy all the extra space you would have used to store boxes.

  • step6
    Step 6.

    Rest up! You've gotten so much done, contributed to a good cause, and you're ready to get settled in.

Considering Taking Another Route?

We've thought about it, and we're better than these options. (not to toot our own horn).


Buying Your Own

This is an eco-friendly, semi-convenient option, but oh, the wasted space. These totes will sit in your storage closet for months and years, taking up area in your home, and offering no use.


Cardboard Boxes

These fold up and don't take up too much room (If you choose not to throw them out after). However, they aren't sturdy enough for the bumpy road to bigger and better, and if you do dispose of them, the waste is adding to the miles of landfills covering the earth.



Want to go without? This might be the cheap option, but it won't be cheap when things topple over in the moving van and break. You should also keep mind how many more trips you'll be taking without totes.

Cut the Clutter

We deliver, you move, and we pick up. It's as easy as that.

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